If you own a tripod, you need Tri-Ped
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Why do I need Tri-Ped?


Tri-Ped eliminates repairs and replacement costs and maximizes revenue!


No more bad data!                     No more drifting in locations!

Better closures and balanced traverse!      Minimize BACK TO FIELD trips!

Cuts down vibration from construction vehicles!



Simply put, save thousands of dollars on repairs to equipment and returning to your worksite! The tips of tripod feet are pointed and do not provide stable working conditions on hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt. Without Tri-Ped, an instrument is vulnerable in windy or unstable conditions. The tripod can easily be knocked or blown over, costing thousands of dollars in repairs and valuable time. Tri-Ped minimizes the risk of costly repairs by creating a weighted and stable footing for the tripod. Tri-Ped was created by a repair technician, with 30 years experience in the surveying/construction industry, who is responding to the need to change the way instruments are protected from damage. With advancements in technology come increases in the cost of the instruments. As the expense rises, so does the need for a product like Tri-Ped in order to protect the substantial investment in your equipment.

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